One to One Yoga

Originally, yoga was always taught one to one. By doing so, the teacher and student can work together to bring optimum benefit to the student according to their individual capabilities, needs and goals. As an individual progresses and evolves, the carefully designed practice will do in line with this. Through consultation, assessment and observation, a personal practice is set for the individual to continue with in between sessions and simple diet and lifestyle advice consistent with a traditional Ayurveda approach can be offered if required.

One to one yoga can be of great help to those who are unwell or injured and in need of specific and careful attention to bring them back towards a state of balance and health.

Christina has experience of working with people suffering with stress, anxiety, depression, physical injuries, and illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease, fibromyalgia, and auto-immune disease amongst other conditions. She continues to train in traditional yoga therapy to support this work.

Classes can be held in Christina’s home or your own.

For more information about one to one classes and yoga retreats please contact Christina Jones:

Mobile: 07980 680 764

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