Pregnancy Yoga

help to prepare expectant mothers for childbirth, physically, mentally, and emotionally

Yoga can be very beneficial to pregnant women on many levels. The breathing, gentle exercise, soft sounds and guided visualisations soothe the entire system and can help ease the demands of pregnancy. Specific breathing techniques, movements and positive focus in preparation for labour are practiced, offering useful tools that a woman can support herself with when giving birth.


Classes focus on helping women stay comfortable, strong and relaxed during their pregnancies, also teaching birthing movements and breathing to help to remain calm and energised through labour. Pregnancy yoga is a safe form of exercise to practice and the gentle posture work can help to:

release tension in the shoulders,

ease back pain,

open up the body,

strengthen the spine,

improve sleep

encourage the baby into the best position for labour.

The classes aim to support women to have a calmer, happier and healthier pregnancy, nourishing mother and child(ren).

Midwives claim they can tell when a woman has practiced yoga during pregnancy; she breathes well through contractions, is more aware of her potential for movement and working with her body and the natural process of childbirth. Posture work practiced in classes helps to prepare the body for labour, and specific exercises to help the baby down through the pelvis are taught.

Yoga can also alleviate Pelvic Girdle Pain or SPD. Much attention is given to stabilising the spine and pelvis, with a view to giving optimal support through pregnancy and promoting recovery after the birth.

Equally importantly, pregnancy yoga classes offer some much needed time for yourself, to make space and time to adjust with ease during this life changing journey and enhance the connection between mother and baby, nurturing both.

Women are offered continuity of care through pregnancy classes, post natal classes and many continue onto general classes. It is always a joy to have women return with subsequent pregnancies.


Louise “I started Christina’s class when I was 19 weeks pregnant. Up until that point I had never taken a yoga class, and most of my exercise consisted of high intensity cardio like spinning or clubbercise. It took me a while to get used to slowing everything down, and concentrating on relaxation and breathing, however the classes have been amazingly beneficial, and really allowed me lots of self indulgent time to bond with my baby (I even felt the baby kick for the first time in my first class!)

As I’ve got heavier the benefits have been second to none. I really credit Christina’s class for helping me stay flexible, which has meant I’ve had no back/pelvis problems, and Christina has also given me lots of advice and exercises for carpel tunnel which worsened in my second trimester. Christina takes the time to get to know everyone in the class on a personal level, and due to the classes small size you get lots of 1-2-1 attention throughout.

I couldn’t recommend the class enough, and will definitely be keeping up yoga in the future.”

Emma, Medic “I first met Christina when I attended her antenatal yoga class. This was my first pregnancy and although I had practised yoga for many years I did not have the specialist knowledge to guide me through my pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery. Christina has an in depth knowledge of yoga alongside experience, skill and sensitivity. She uses asana (posture), pranayama (breath) and sound to enable each individual, whether new to yoga or with some experience, to strengthen and prepare their body and mind for journey through pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal recovery.

In the postnatal classes Christina works carefully with the pelvic floor and abdomen and focusses on helping her students to re-align and energise the body and balance the mind. The classes are small and personal and Christina looks to each student’s particular physical and emotional requirements and modifies their practice accordingly. Her specialist knowledge of both pregnancy and postnatal yoga allows her to guide each student through their practice in a safe way protecting each posture with the use of the breath. She provides perceptive and skilful adjustments so that the practice can deepen as the body recovers after giving birth. She has great patience and creates an atmosphere where the babies relax enough to allow the mothers to enjoy a thorough postnatal practice. Christina has a great gift. She teaches in a special way that connects you to the tradition and to the true heart of yoga.”

Pregnancy yoga class information

For more information about pregnancy yoga classes and yoga retreats please contact Christina Jones:

Mobile: 07980 680 764

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