Yoga Therapy

A complementary healing system, that can work alongside medical treatment

Yoga therapy is usually carried out 1-1 and utilises the tools of yoga in order to re-instate health and wellbeing.

Yoga therapy is a complementary and holistic healing system, and works alongside any medical treatment being received. Where yoga is utilised to maintain and protect health, yoga therapy is applied in the case of an already existing issue in the functioning of the physical, physiological, psychological and emotional systems.

Yoga therapy focusses on re-establishing the balance necessary for health and wellbeing. It is self-empowering, allowing the person to actively influence their own healing under the skilled and careful guidance of a qualified and experienced therapist. A combination of movement, postures, breathwork, sound and positive mental focus are the tools we work with as well as lifestyle and dietary adjustments where relevant.

Specific applications from these tools are selected according to the individual condition, and these are personalised even more  by being modified to suit the individual person, meaning 2 people with the same condition will not be given an identical yoga therapy programme to follow, as their constitution, age, personality, work, lifestyle, diet and more are different. With yoga therapy, these differences are taken into careful consideration to develop the most appropriate practice for promoting and supporting healing. We are all unique and yoga therapy respects this in its application.

As time passes, a yoga therapy programme will be regularly verified to ensure its efficiency, refined and will evolve along with the person, thereby progressing them in a suitable and manageable time period to where they need to get to.

Where healing physically or physiologically to the point of full recovery is not possible, yoga therapy can help conditions to be managed, can optimise the functioning of the body as far as possible, and can significantly reduce discomfort, improve sleep, and bring calm and positivity, all of which improve quality of life.

For more information about one to one yoga therapy, please contact Christina Jones:

Mobile: 07980 680 764

Personal Data & Privacy Policy – The collection of personal data including contact details and any medical information will be required before joining any class or beginning 1:1 yoga or yoga therapy.  In line with current Data Protection legislation, only information considered necessary will be requested, recorded and securely stored in order to safely conduct the classes or 1:1 meetings. If you are joining a class or beginning 1:1 yoga or yoga therapy with Christina, a registration form that asks for contact details, medical information and your consent to this data being held will be provided. This confidential information will then be stored securely in line with current legislation. Further information will be provided on this form and can also be seen under the Terms & Conditions tab at the foot of this page.