Yoga / Benefits

Yoga recognises and influences the body, energetic system, mind, and emotions as a whole

The holistic health benefits of yoga are more and more commonly being confirmed through scientific research carried out by many universities of medicine as well as other research organisations concerned with health and disease.

Yoga recognises the body, energetic system, mind, and emotions as an interconnected whole and works to restore and maintain balance in the functioning of these inter-related domains. Its tools can be applied to maintaining health and also to healing.

As well as addressing problematic symptoms, yoga increases awareness of ourselves, our lifestyle and behavioural habits, giving opportunity for change which can help us to deal with problems at the root.

Traditional yoga focusses very much on breathing, a powerful tool for health and healing. Improvements in our breathing affect our entire being. It is the vital essence of yoga practice and of life itself.

Reducing stress and its effects

Chronic stress is a major contributing factor to many of today’s most prevalent diseases.

Yoga is proven to reduce the effects of stress by inducing the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response. This promotes and supports the healthy functioning of our physiology, including blood pressure regulation, digestive health, balancing blood sugar levels and more. Sleep can become deeper and more restful. A calmer, clearer mind improves energy, concentration, memory, and creativity.

The Spine and Musculoskeletal System

Yoga has the potential to improve vital spinal health, encouraging both flexibility and strength. Improving the functioning of the spine can improve posture and alignment, balance and vitality. As the axis of the body and protector of the spinal cord, a healthy spine influences the whole body, externally and internally.

The functioning of all joints can be worked on.

Regularly practising weight bearing exercise develops strong and healthy bones. A yoga practice works with our own body weight and mechanics, building a connection and understanding of ourselves.

The Mind and Emotions

Emotionally, anxiety, depression, anger and other destructive feelings can be reduced as yoga teaches us to be more aware of patterns of negative thought and behaviour, bringing about clearer perspectives of seeing the problems we face. We use the tools of yoga to work towards this understanding of ourselves.

With greater clarity of mind comes happiness.

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